Latest Fitbit Iconic Smartwatch Announced

Fitbit announced its newest smartwatch, the Fitbit Iconic, and the latest smartwatch will go on sale this coming October for $299.99.

Fitbit Iconic will also be offered in an Adidas special edition version, though this smartwatch will launch the next year 2018.

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“Ten years ago, Fitbit pioneered the wearables category with the introduction of its first health and fitness tracker. Since then, we have become the leading global wearables brand, setting the pace of innovation in the category and establishing the largest social fitness network that helps millions of people around the world be healthier,” said James Park, co-founder, and CEO of Fitbit. “With Ionic, we will deliver what consumers have not yet seen in a smartwatch – a health and fitness first platform that combines the power of personalization and deeper insights with our most advanced technology to date, unlocking opportunities for unprecedented health tracking capabilities in the future.”

Ionic follows a long line of innovative and popular Fitbit products that redefined how we learn about and manage our health and even helped save lives. Ionic continues to deliver on this promise by offering more personalized insights and guidance, coupled with an engaging experience and sleek design, to help drive meaningful behavior change and better health outcomes.

See more details of the new Fitbit Iconic at Fitbit.

Brilliant Smartphone Hacks

Almost everyone has a smartphone and every day they are more and more popular it is important to know all its helpful uses things we can have from.

Many of us use our smartphone as alarm clocks to wake up, navigation to help us around and we play games. From different smartphones and brands can do it all of mentioned above – however what if you could do better? Here are some genius hacks and will surely be impressed. Share and Enjoy!

  • Change your lock screen to your name and emergency contact number in  case your phone gets lost.
  • While traveling you can use the USB slot on the back of the TV to charge your phone.
  • Switch your phone to airplane mode so it charges faster.
  • When experiencing a poor signal, switch into airplane mode for a few seconds, when you turn in back it will automatically connect to the nearest cell tower.
  • Before going to grocery take a photo of your fridge to help you remember what you need.
  • Screenshot travel directions, then turn off location services to save battery.
  • Use two different colors for your earphone tips to easily tell apart the right and left sides.