Advantage and disadvantage of rooting and jailbreaking of smartphone

Rooting or Jailbreaking your iPhone are just as Advantage and disadvantage of rooting and jailbreaking of smartphoneknown to create a lot of danger while in  the said smartphones protection. What is worst is that these procedures can lead to the warranty of your smartphone. Nevertheless, why there are few people still doing this procedure? Logically, there are good things happen to jailbreak or rooting a smartphone.

Below are the advantage and disadvantage of jailbreaking or rooting your smartphone.


  • For iPhones, it is essential for specific app that are not authorized by Apple to be install by one to jailbreak it in order, such as spy applications for handsets.
  • Jailbreaking allows you to customize notification looks and ringtones of your phone.
    IPhone jailbreaking make it easier to discover your product. Meaning that it can be used another carrier’s SIM card.
  • Rooting android phone its performance may improve drastically.


  • Rooting or Jailbreaking your phone that is wrong can leave you with a handset as possible no use. Even though it is possible to recover your smartphone, issues will definitely not be same as quite all screwed.
  • Rooting or Jailbreaking can remove or erase data and your entire apps in your device. Therefore, you must back up all the things first before proceed on a jailbreak or rooting your phone.
  • Apps and Installing unofficial packages might present your phone to viruses and other harmful codes. This may result in significant damage to the phone operating system.
  • Warranty – rooting your phone will void its warranty, un-rooting might not work every time. This problem is dependent, it is a matter of you care it or not and if the phone was under warranty to start with.

Your choice continues to be yours whether you want your phone so you can install spy for Android rooted or to be jail-broken after knowing the good drawbacks. It is clear that there is consequences doing this procedure and be ready for that.