How to avoid a phone battery from exploding?

how-to-avoid-a-phone-battery-from-explodingJust how to avoid a phone battery from exploding? This concern would be arising in  many thoughts after Samsung Note 7 has exploded. Phone users are confused and worried that may be their handset may explode too. The idea that your phone can burn rooms and even home is in fact terrifying. There are couple of techniques for you that can avoid your phone battery from exploding.

Use the Right Charger

Never use a cheap charger whose power supplies are unfamiliar. Always use the proper charger that came along with your device.

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Use Authentic Battery

Use the manufacturer’s original battery. It is good to have an extra battery however cheap batteries may be life threatening. If you want to get a new or back up battery, go for well-known replacement brands.

Place for Safe Charging

When charging you phone always put it in a safe spot. Never charge the device in intense temperatures especially hot. Do not put your handset under your pillow all night.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Never put your phone in dashboard of car or any place where there is a direct sunlight. It can heat up battery that results explosion. Avoid keeping your handset direct sunlight while charging. It may have more damaging effects.

Remove cases and coverhow-to-avoid-a-phone-battery-from-exploding-ok

Remove cases and cover while charging. When doing task similar to head induction as  cover limits heats dissipation.

Unplug When Fully Charged

Unplug your charger when your device is fully charged. If the charger is still plug for unnecessary cause the temperature will build up which may lead to blast.

Hope these ideas will help you to save your battery and smartphones from explosions.



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