Serious health threat of old mobile phones


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What many people do now know is that keeping not used SIM-based phones and   accessories at home or getting rid of them incorrectly is dangerous to their health as well as their surroundings.

Head of the Technology Development Department of MCMC or the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Badaruzzaman Mat Nor stated that, “Many people are unaware of what happens to their mobile phones after it becomes unusable. So they keep it around the house or dispose of it along with other forms of waste. However, this is a wrong way to deal with e-Waste.”

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It’s simply because the mobile phones and other electronic gadgets are made up of parts that cannot biodegrade and will extract toxic components over time. This involves lead, which harm the central nervous system, trigger kidney failure, memory loss, headache and the mercury that hams skin, affect kidney function and cause insomnia.  on the other hand, Cellular country reviews show this strange facts.

“A WHO and United Nations University study on ‘e-Waste and its Health Implications on Children’ found that exposure to e-Waste leads to a number of diseases like cancer and respiratory problems,” Badaruzzaman said.

In case these e-Waste are kept in storage at home and substance start to leak from them, they might harm those who occur into get in touch with these. Children can easily become exposed to such leaks and accidentally ingest them. The probabilities of this are higher than we think, as hundreds of thousands of smart gadgets are being produced and sold every day.

Research from Sirim QAS International Sdn Bhd unveiled that 65.7 million mobile phones are listed in the country between 2009 and 2014. Even so, like many other electronic products these days, handsets do not last long.

The US Environmental Protection Agency projected the lifespan of a mobile phone to be around 18-24 months or at least 2 years, said Badaruzzaman.

Old Phone – New Life

Malaysia is working with the problem by creating a legislation for the administration and managing of dumped electronic materials, which may be all set by the year 2018. The Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Detuk Seri Dr. Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar was quoted as stating that the regulation was required as Malaysia has yet to have focused rules for the managing of e-Waste.

Malaysia also be presented the Extended Producer Responsibility program where suppliers could be held liable for the sustainable administration of it products e-Waste.

The Mobile e-Waste: Old Phone, New Life was introduce in August 2004 to inspire ecological recycling for used devices. This program will help towards the maintenance of the environment said Badaruzzaman.

When e-Waste are merged with other forms of waste at landfills, it could trigger the toxic materials within it to leach into the earth surface and contaminate it as well as water. This is a serious cause for dilemma because now, out of the 161 landfills in Malaysia 14 are sanitary landfills. This is based to the data of Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation.


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