Experts create sensor for smartphone to diagnose toxic gases

This sensor can be incorporated into the electric experts-create-sensor-for-smartphone-to-diagnose-toxic-gasescircuit in an NFC tag. The engineering when tested, detected toxic gases within 5 seconds at a low concentration. Researchers from National Institute for Materials Science in Japan and MIT mentioned the substance sensor’s electrical conductivity raises up to 3,000 times when it is exposed to electrophilic toxic fumes. They included the sensor into the electric circuit in a near-field communication tag, which inserted in small cards. This technology designed possible for smartphones to diagnose toxic gases in five seconds at a low concentration – 10 parts per million.

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Nowadays people are subject to dangers of being exposed to toxic gases produced from natural resources and presently available toxic gas sensor are costly, heavy, huge and hard to use. The innovative device designed consist of a set f carbon nanotubes independently covered with supramolecular polymers which are groups of monomers kept together via weak connections and which lessens its production price. CNTs are extremely conductive materials, yet when they are wrapped with supramolecular polymers, they become wear conductors. The supramolecular polymers were developed so that the weakly-bound areas in the molecules are dissociated when these sites are exposed to toxic gases. On the other hand, cellular country reviews show some unique ideas with innovative technologies.

Experts mentioned, “Users can determine the presence of toxic gas by holding an NFC-compatible smartphone over a sensor-embedded NFC tag while making sure that communication between the two devices is intact.”


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