Mobile app powerful in decreasing stress before sleep

The application that uses SDI also know as Mobile app powerful in decreasing stress before sleepSerial Diverse Imaging which diverts attention away from sleep interfering thoughts was discovered to be effective bases to result presented at the annual SLEEP 2016 meeting.

Luc Beaudoin, PhD, an adjunct professor in cognitive since and education at Simon Fraser University and lead author of the study stated in a press release “A racing mind, worries and uncontrollable thoughts are common bedtime complaints among poor sleepers.”

Cognitive shuffle is used at bedtime and provides words to patients, who develop a mental image, Beaudoin and fellow workers compared the application name mySLeepButton, along with the standard therapy Structured-Problem-Solving and a collaboration of both treatment. They designated 154 college student members with excessive mental pre-sleep to one of the three therapy groups. All members finished the Sleep Hygiene Index, Glasgow Sleep Effort Scale and the Pre-Sleep Arousal Scale at baseline.

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Result confirmed that sleep hygiene deteriorated  (P < .001; Partial 2 = .23) and sleep quality, sleep effort and cognitive and somatic pre-sleep arousal (P <.001; Partial 2 = .43 to .71).

“Beaudoin’s Serial Diverse Imagining Task (SDIT) was as effective as Structured Problem-Solving (SP) in reducing pre-sleep arousal, sleep effort and poor sleep quality,” the researchers concluded. “One advantage of SDIT is that it can be done at bedtime, unlike SP.”

“The human brain is a ‘meaning maker’ or a sense-making machine,” Beaudoin said in the release. “It is actually very difficult for people to conjure up random images unaided. However according to my theory, while it may be difficult to engage in SDI, it is not only a consequence of sleep onset; SDI facilitates it. My hope is that popular culture will absorb the notion that counting sheep is not effective, whereas SDI is.” – by Chelsea Frajerman Pardes


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